• 1993 – The year 1993 marks the beginning of what was to be today one of the most famous international transport companies, operating on virtually any European relationship, including the Black Sea.
  • 1994 – In the first year of establishment we bought two trucks with which we made our first trips: Sebeș – Chisinau.
  • 1995 – After another year, in 1995, we started freight transport in Western Europe: Germany, Belgium, France.
  • 1997 – 5 years after its establishment, we decided to focus exclusively on the transport of garments, which led to the purchase of specialized means of transport.
  • 2000-2005 – From 2000 to 2005, more than 65 means of transport were purchased, including Krone refrigerated semi-trailers. Thus, in 2005 there were 45 light trucks and 22 light trucks. Due to the growing number of requests for transport and existing contracts, since then and until now it has become a tradition to purchase every year at least 5-10 trucks of 20 tons.
  • 2007 – The beginning of 2007 began with the opening of a cargo warehouse, when we became the carrier approved by BOSCH for the northwestern part of the country.
  • 2009 – Starting with 2009, SC OPREAN SRL outsources the maintenance and repair works of the fleet, signing a contract with Casa Auto Sebeș, Mercedes-Benz representative office.
  • 2010 – In November 2010, a contract was signed with Alberts Craiss for the specialized container transport of Mercedes parts – with a dedicated fleet .
  • 2014 -Once in 2014, a new Romanian-German company GV & OPREAN Logistics is born. In order to bring a plus on the transport market, we decided to partner with Große-Vehne, another renowned company in this field still established since 1974.
  • 2015 – 2020 – The Oprean car fleet continued to expand. Thus, from 2015 to 2020, 69 state-of-the-art trucks were purchased. SC OPREAN SRL has diversified its service area in proportion to the increase of the fleet, being able to transport both general goods and goods at controlled temperature in all corners of Europe: Great Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany etx.
  • 2021 -We purchased another 15 Mercedes-Benz trucks and semi-trailers both to be able to honor every transport service requested by our customers, and to offer safety and comfort to professional drivers from Oprean.


The Oprean team aims to frame the services provided to the highest standards, to be always flexible so as to respond promptly and efficiently to the requirements of our customers, as well as to always adapt to the dynamic market characteristic of transport.

Thus, we managed to create a prestigious name at European level and to become one of the most well-known transport companies internationally.

We appreciate the contribution of each employee to the successful completion of Oprean transports and we support them to become better and better in their profession by developing professional skills.

Using our talent, experience, passion and knowledge, we make it possible for what each client is looking for to become achievable, under conditions of responsibility and seriousness.